Urban Video Project (UVP) will feature Suné Woods’ video work, A Feeling Like Chaos, concurrently with When a Heart Scatter, Scatter, Scatter in the Everson’s Robineau Gallery and To Sleep with Terra at Light Work. Woods says that A Feeling Like Chaos “attempts to make sense of a continuum of disaster, toxicity, fear, and a political system that sanctions violence towards its citizens.” 

This installation will be on view on the Everson Museum’s north facade September 14-23 and October 5-28, 2017, from dusk until 11:00 p.m.  Find more information at urbanvideoproject.com

PLEASE NOTE: There will be a brief break in Woods’ exhibition at UVP the week of September 24-30 so that we can bring you Water Way: canal culture through the eyes of youth from around the world during the 2017 World Canal Conference, which will be held in Syracuse.