Open house sessions at the Onondaga Lake Visitors Center will be held on Fridays from 12 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. The Onondaga Lake Visitors Center gives the community a chance to experience and learn about the lake cleanup firsthand

Onondaga Lake is well on its way to becoming a sustainable ecosystem for generations to enjoy. The establishment of native vegetation, including plants with links to Onondaga Lake’s rich history, highlights the resurgence. Fish, birds, and other wildlife species are now thriving in a way that just a few short years ago, few thought possible.

The center is located along the southwest shoreline of Onondaga Lake in Geddes. It was designed and built by Honeywell to provide public access to the significant work that has taken place.

In 2017, Honeywell finished implementing New York State’s cleanup plan for Onondaga Lake using technical excellence and innovative approaches. The cleanup is the result of more than two decades and millions of hours of intensive effort under the supervision of state and federal regulatory agencies, in cooperation with local elected officials and the community. The cleanup included dredging 2.2 million cubic yards of lake material and capping 475 acres of lake bottom. The cap, which consists of natural materials, provides a new, clean lake bottom and a new habitat layer to promote underwater vegetation growth and fish spawning.

As part of the Onondaga Lake cleanup, Honeywell has already restored about 90 acres of wetlands and about 1.1 million native plants are being planted. More than 260 wildlife species are now calling these areas home, and 130 unique bird species have been identified in and around Onondaga Lake. Honeywell also is working with federal and state government on additional projects to restore and protect wildlife habitats and enhance recreational opportunities, including creating 100 acres of new native grassland habitat and conserving about 1,600 acres within the watershed.

In 2015, Honeywell received Audubon New York’s Thomas W. Keesee, Jr. Conservation Award for its leadership in the cleanup, “one of the most ambitious environmental reclamation projects in the United States.”

From significant improvements in water quality to the return of native plants and animals, the Onondaga Lake Visitors Center allows community members to see the progress being made to restore the natural beauty and value of Onondaga Lake and adjacent habitats.

To schedule a group tour, please call 315-552-9751 or submit the form found at There is no fee to visit.

TO ACCESS THE VISITORS CENTER: From Points West: Take I-690 East to Exit 7, turn left onto State Fair Boulevard, take the first left passing under I-690, drive straight toward the lake and follow signs to the Onondaga Lake Visitors Center. From Points East: Take I-690 West to Exit 7, turn right at the off ramp and follow signs to the Onondaga Lake Visitors Center.