Jackee Johnson, Mixed Media Artist

"Inspired by"... 2019

Art is never confined to any particular style or space

As a self-taught artist, I consider myself a vessel who is utilized to create instinctively.
My most important goals are to make a profound aesthetic statement. My subjects include women, children and families. Working with vivid colors and symbols. Often I incorporate fabric, beads, jewelry and found objects in my pieces. Creating art with a visual appeal as well as tell a story through symbolism. While working with a variety of mediums, I continue to explore and add new versatility to my skills.

“Inspired by 2019”, I have the honor to acknowledge my appreciation for some of the master artists and crafters I have in my world. Those who inspire me with their creativity, use of ethnic heritage, lines, patterns, color, fiber and symbolism.

David MacDonald: Inspired by his use of his African heritage incorporating, his compassion for intricate details. The continuous flow of the lines and patterns in his work.

Juan Cruz: A mixed media art inspired by his symbolic use of culture, color, patterns and movement. His images start with a thought then create itself.

Vanessa Johnson: Performance artist, writer, teacher and mixed media artist. She understands the true potential of fiber and fabric manipulation. She always inspires me to tell a story and use color to no end.

Artist Reception - May 18th 4-6 PM

CALEB LIBER - Musical Guest

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